My first Car Commercial – “We are Jim Glover Chevrolet”

This past month I was given an extraordinary opportunity to try something new.  The task was a completely new one to me – Create a visually stunning car commercial.  There was only one problem…. I have never seen a visually stunning local car commercial.  All of the eye candy commercials are created by the manufacturers.  I have grown up around the car business and have seen every possible type of advertisement.  From boring to crazy and everywhere in between, car commercials in Tulsa are something of a strange art form.  Jim Glover Chevrolet in Tulsa is known for the delightful Kristen Glover and the phrase “Dad will do it!”  It was a great idea that was beat into submission early on.  If Jim Glover Chevrolet advertised like the average dealership the idea would probably still be fresh.  However, Jim Glover Chevrolet advertises more than about any company in the whole state so many tired of this phrase rather quickly.  These days, the term is used sparingly and the commercials have continued to evolve with new material.  However, since Jared (Kristen’s brother) joined the staff at Jim Glover Chevrolet he has been throwing ideas around like crazy.  Jared was my best man and I value his friendship more than any other besides my wife’s.  When he came to me with an idea for a car commercial, I thought this would be a fun little project.  He had the vision for a commercial that would display the team aspect of our dealership and showcase some of the employees that have been with us for a long time.  The backbone of Jim Glover Chevrolet is the employees that work behind the scenes.  This was the idea that Jared wanted to communicate.  With this idea, we weren’t trying to sell cars.  Jared’s plan was to show the difference in a locally owned Chevrolet store.  It is very much a family affair at Jim Glover Chevrolet as no less then five Glovers work at the dealership.  The commercial was shot over a few afternoons as my schedule allowed.  The video was shot completely on a 5D Mark II DSLR camera.  The camera was mounted to a Redrock Micro Cinema Bundle for stability and focus control.  The dolly shots were done on a pocket dolly and the pan shots were from a manfrotto video tripod.  Lowell lights made for dramatic lighting and a golf cart made for an excellent drive by vehicle.  The audio was handled with wireless lavalieres mounted to a Tascam audio recorder.  The one time-lapse shot was done in a new Chevy Cruze with a Canon 5D Mark II mounted in the back seat.  The video was edited on Final Cut pro with minimal retouching to keep the natural look of the shoot.  The commercial will be airing soon and should run for several months off and on.  Also, we’re planning on shooting a similar commercial for the new Lawton store in the next few months.  If Jared and I actually have time to plan out something, this new commercial could be even better.  I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.  If you are in the market for a new or used car, check out Jim Glover Chevrolet and stop by and see my brother Shaun Barnes.  Tell him I sent you and he will take care of you! -Barnezy-


March 30, 2011 - 12:08 pm

Tom - Great job on the commercial. Love it.

December 25, 2011 - 10:51 am

scott - Please don’t include me in any distribution lists or mailouts. I had to comment on your paid television ad, by sharing your faith and using the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in your message. This has made me a customer before ever getting onto the lot. In this day and time, to use the name ‘Jesus’ on television where it is considered almost a curse word not only shows courage,and your conviction, but the faith you have in our Lord.
We will see you soon…

God Bless you and your beautiful family and have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.
Scott & Kathy

December 25, 2011 - 11:53 am

The Grand Architect of this Website - Thank you for your kind comments. I will pass them on to the Glovers. Merry Christmas!

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