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    A little website about a chiropractor who thinks he's a professional photographer/videographer.  This site is dedicated to those endeavours.

FMS II Seminar in San Diego

Labor Day – still catching up on blogs so here goes….


Back in June, Ali and I flew out to San Diego for a seminar and a nice weekend with friends.  I attended the Functional Movement Systems II seminar on Saturday and Sunday to learn some new assessments for my office (Tensegrity Chiropractic).  We met up with one of my patients and got her dialed in for the Leadville 100 Trail Run.  We went out to dinner at a local Encinitas restaurant and had a great time!  On Sunday night, Ali and I walked around San Diego and saw some really cool sights.  It was a great weekend and I’m using several of the things I learned this weekend.  Still punching out blogs…. Enjoy!  -Barnezy-


2013 Tulsa Tough

Labor Day – The best day to catch up on the last three mont’s worth of blogs!  Round 2, here we go!

Back in June I snuck out to one of Oklahoma’s most unique events: The Tulsa Tough.  This event is recognized by competitive and professional cyclists from around the country.  This event takes place over three days and features anything from professional-level cyclists to joy rides with large families.  The first two days are highlighted by night races in downtown.  On Sunday, the races head out to Riverside drive where the famed “Crybaby Hill” brings out thousands of crazy Tulsan’s.  This was my first “sprint-style” cycling event to attend or photograph and I have to say it was an absolute blast!  What an awesome event for Tulsa the Tulsa Tough has become.  Cycling photography is new for me and I’m seeing the value of my high-powered flash, especially at night.  This has now become a “must-shoot” event for me and I will have it on the calendar for 2014!  I’m still catching up on blogs so enjoy as I keep rolling them out!  -Barnezy-

2013 Tour de Cure

Well, it’s Labor Day – no better day to catch up on all of the blogs I have been delaying since June!  Let’s get started….

Back in June I stopped by the Tulsa Tour de Cure at Southcrest hospital.  The event had been delayed by rain and some of the longer events had been cancelled, but that didn’t keep hundreds of cyclists from participating in an event that helps raise money for diabetes awareness and treatments.  I shot for about an hour with my Canon 16-35mm II and the Canon 200mm F2 IS.  I don’t get the F2 out very often but it was early in the morning and the skies were overcast.  It was a great event despite the weather and hopefully I’ll be able to get out on the course next year.  The blogs will keep rolling.  Enjoy!  -Barnezy-


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